Love my style but want something originally yours? Let's work together to make that happen! Commissioned artwork is the best way to get that perfect piece to compliment your space. Artwork can also be a truly special gift to commemorate an anniversary, a birth or a new home. I've created art for all of those reasons and more! 

I'm currently scheduling commissions about 2 months out and typically require a month to complete the work depending on the medium (I paint in oil, watercolor and acrylic). I have 2 openings available for October 2021!  If you have questions, send me an email and we'll work together to create a piece you'll love. 



I promise this will be easier than you think!


Your first step is to determine the best size canvas for your commission. At this time I am only accepting commissions 11" x 14" and larger. If you need help deciding on the perfect size for your space, I’m happy to offer assistance!


Decide what you would like me to paint. I always paint in MY style, but it can help for me to see your space, either through photos or in person (if local), to get a feel for the surrounding atmosphere (wall color, fabric swatches, light, overall mood, etc.)  

Any inspiration you provide is helpful. What in particular do you appreciate about my style of painting?  What color scheme do you prefer? Are there particular colors to avoid? If there are elements from photos or my past work that you would like me to incorporate, a collection from Pinterest, color palettes, etc. share that with me! The more insight, the better! 


Email me to get the conversation started! I will respond to you quickly to discuss your project and answer any questions you might have about the process.