Sweet Summertime

I started this year with sooooo many things to accomplish on my list, especially given that almost everything was derailed last year. It seems the harder I push though the less I get done.
So I’m being reminded that its ok to slow down occasionally and just enjoy the season. And I find when I do that, lean into the unhurried, less obligated days, I discover a new rhythm. Or in this case, an old one.
Oil painting was my first real art love. As a little girl I watched Bob Ross every Saturday afternoon and took notes during the half hour PBS show. I would then go to my easel (I felt very prestigious having one at such a young age) and would recreate the painting he had just done. I remember the smell of the turpentine. I remember thinking that when I “got better” I would paint on stretched canvas instead of canvas boards. And I remember getting lost in a process that was all mine.
For a short time I’m revisiting that stage in my life. When I got lost brushing the paint across the canvas and stepping back an hour later to see where it took me. It’s a gift I’m giving myself. I’m creating small works on oil paper to explore and remember the feelings of summertime, being outside almost all day, ….and to see if I can create that perfect shade of peach in the sky that I’m yearning for 😊. You can follow along on Instagram!
Do you have a favorite place? A piece of land that feels like home to you, regardless of whether or not you were raised there? A place where your heart feels like it is home. Send me a message (and a photo if you have one)and tell me about it. I may paint it!

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